Chop Gate to Cringle Moor

This is a longer version of the walk from Chop Gate to Cold Moor.  The route consists mostly of well defined tracks across moorlands.

Circular  | 15.5km (9.64 miles)  |  Difficulty: Medium

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Chop Gate to Cold Moor

This route consists mainly of farm and moorland tracks.  Along the way walkers will be treated to great views of the Wain Stones and the Tees valley.  The pathways along this route can be muddy and full of scree in the earlier sections but after the halfway point, when The Cleveland Way is reached, the tracks are either tarmacked or consist of well maintained flagstones.

Circular  | 11km (6.9 miles)  |  Difficulty: Medium

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Claybank to Cringle Moor

This route covers moors, farmland and forest.  The first half of this route traverses the top of the Cleveland hills from Claybank (the same as the Round Hill walk) and heads West to Cringle Moor offering great views across Teesside.  The route then descends to the Teesside plane and returns to Claybank along the bottom of the hills and back up through the Broughton Plantation. 

Circular  |  13km (8 miles)  |  Difficulty: Medium to Hard

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