Barnard Castle to Cotherstone

This route sticks close to the Tees and traverses both sides of the river between Barnard Castle and Cotherstone.

Circular  |  12.6km (7 miles)  |  Difficulty: Easy

Please note that the route given is a rough guide and should not be relied upon solely when planning a walk. Remember to plan ahead, get a proper map and ensure you have the right equipment.

Walkers have a choice of either starting at Cotherstone or Barnard Castle. The route is written assuming a start at Barnard Castle as there’s more ample parking there. This route is made easy as a lot of it is stone path along the sides of the river.

1: Setting off at Barnard Castle starts walkers off in the town where they should head downhill to the River which the route follows upstream, out into the country.

2:  After climbing some stone steps through the wooded areas on the Northern bank of the Tees valley walkers will eventually get some amazing views of the old viaduct.  Walkers will see this again at point 6 on their way back as well.

3:  Continue following the paths in the fields until a clear marker is found pointing downhill.  The sign posting on this walk isn’t great so double check before going off the path.

4: The route eventually reaches the bridge at Cotherstone (passed by on the route between Romaldkirk and Cotherstone).

5: The south side of the river is probably the easier half. Each side of the river offers its own points of interest so its not like back tracking which you would expect from the paths being so close to one another. On the way back the route passes through a forest,  an isolated bog and walkers will be rewarded with some excellent views along the Tees Valley in both direction.

6: Before getting back into Barnard Castle the route passes the viaduct again then crosses  the footbridge back into Barnard Castle.

This is a great route which walkers can choose to add to by walking past the castle and up Barnard Castle’s town centre.  Walkers could also traverse the route in the opposite direction without much of a difference in ascents and descents.

Adapted from the Teesdale Way


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