Housesteads to Sycamore Gap

This route follows a number of well kept paths to guide walkers from the Roman Fort at Housesteads along Hadrian’s Wall to the iconic Sycamore Gap. The paths followed are well signposted and maintained making this walk very easy, though there are some steep sections that add some challenge.

Circular  |  8.14km (5.1 miles)  |  Difficulty: Easy

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Westgate to Eastgate

This route combines river-side paths, moorland tracks and roads to cover a section of upper Weardale between Westgate, Northgate and Eastgate. The route features one significant incline and is mostly flat otherwise. However, the often overgrown and muddy sections along some of the riverside paths make the route very difficult in places.

Circular  |  15km (9.36 miles)  |  Difficulty: Medium

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Newcastle Central to Jesmond Dene

This is a city walk with few climbs and descents which leads from busy city streets to the wooded valley of Jesmond Dene before returning via the sparse Town Moor. There are plenty of interesting sights along the way and many opportunities to follow alternatives routes.

Circular  |  11.8km (7.2 miles)  |  Difficulty: Easy

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Marske to Skelton Moor

This route starts and ends in the picturesque Yorkshire village of Marske.  The walk is short with some brief steep inclines, the largest challenge along the way is the mud during the wetter seasons.  Mostly following farm tracks, the route eventually leads to some moorland paths and ends with stretches of quiet road to walk along back to the village.

Circular  | 8.31km (5.2 miles)  |  Difficulty: Easy

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