Wolsingham to Tunstall Reservoir

This route follows a lot of quiet country lanes and paths across fields to take walkers from the Village of Wolsingham up to Tunstall Reservoir. Sections of the route should take walkers through woodlands, but recent felling has greatly reduced the size and number of these wooded areas. Wet weather can make a lot of the route very difficult and slow going, though it should be fairly straight forward during dry spells. Being able to spot route markers, stiles and gates from a distance is a required skill for this route as there are many fields to cross with no paths to follow.

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Lumley Castle

This route combines country tracks across fields, through wooded areas and along sometimes muddy riversides. It leads walkers past Lumley castle on the way from Chester-le-Street to Great Lumley, then returns via the woods on the other side of the castle. The way is mostly flat with only one large climb which is gradual and a short sharp climb later on.

Circular | 11.5km (7.18 miles) | Difficulty: Easy

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Marske to Skelton Moor

This route starts and ends in the picturesque Yorkshire village of Marske.  The walk is short with some brief steep inclines, the largest challenge along the way is the mud during the wetter seasons.  Mostly following farm tracks, the route eventually leads to some moorland paths and ends with stretches of quiet road to walk along back to the village.

Circular  | 8.31km (5.2 miles)  |  Difficulty: Easy

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