Marske to Skelton Moor

This route starts and ends in the picturesque Yorkshire village of Marske.  The walk is short with some brief steep inclines, the largest challenge along the way is the mud during the wetter seasons.  Mostly following farm tracks, the route eventually leads to some moorland paths and ends with stretches of quiet road to walk along back to the village.

Circular  | 8.31km (5.2 miles)  |  Difficulty: Easy

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Bowes to Bowes Moor

This is a fairly challenging route with some minor inclines combining riverside paths, farm tracks and moorland crossings. The vagueness of the paths that route follows increases its difficulty and can make it very easy for walkers to lose their bearings.

Circular  | 17km (10.6 miles)  |  Difficulty: Medium

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Chop Gate to Cold Moor

This route consists mainly of farm and moorland tracks.  Along the way walkers will be treated to great views of the Wain Stones and the Tees valley.  The pathways along this route can be muddy and full of scree in the earlier sections but after the halfway point, when The Cleveland Way is reached, the tracks are either tarmacked or consist of well maintained flagstones.

Circular  | 11km (6.9 miles)  |  Difficulty: Medium

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Tan Hill to Sleightholme Moor

Though just short of 9 miles this walk is very taxing and feels much longer.  The tracks on this route disappear in many places and the ground if often incredibly boggy, even during dry spells.  However, the views offered along the way and the return to the remote Tan Hill pub make it all worthwhile.

Circular | 14km (8.76 miles) | Difficulty: Medium to Hard

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