Morecombe to Hest Bank

This is an easy walk on the outskirts of the town of Morecombe.

Circular | 7.1km (4.5 miles) | Difficulty: Easy

Please note that the route given is a rough guide and should not be relied upon solely when planning a walk. Remember to plan ahead, get a proper map and ensure you have the right equipment.

This route starts as a stroll along the sea front then circles back via the canal that connects Hess Bank and Morecombe.

1: From here the route follows the sea front along side the A5105. Where the road leaves the sea front the route sticks with the sea front. Even when the tide is in there should be enough rocky beach to walk along. Along this first stretch walkers will find themselves between the railway and the sea. Walkers should keep a look out across the bay for the strange things that may emerge from the mud flat such as sections of Morecombe’s old pier, timber from the old ship yards and a Jeep. Walkers should also remember to keep off the mud flats, they are dangerous as you can very easy to get stuck in them.

2: Here the route crosses a pedestrian bridge over the railway line and heads up the street across the main road. This leads up the route’s only significant uphill section. At the top of the hill is the canal. The route follows the canal Southwards. Along this stretch of the canal can be seen Lancaster and some of its old architecture along with the sea, distant mountains and numerous railway lines.

3: Walkers should take note the of the bridges the pass under as at the 4th bridge the route leaves the canal side path. Walkers can identify this bridge if they loose count as there is a large sign next to it welcoming visitiors to the canal path and stating the rules of walkway. This next section of the walk is the worst part as walkers will need to follow a narrow road which people speed down in either direction. There’s not much to see on this section so walkers can dedicate their senses to checking for oncoming traffic.

4: Here the route leaves the road and follows a public footpath around the foot of a hill. Walkers can either follow the path which circles around the hill or climb to the top for a view over Morecombe bay. The path leads to a stile which leads the route into suburbia. The route follows the path the stile leads onto and crosses the road it leads out onto. From here it follows the road opposite the path’s exit and turns left at the end. The route follows this road all the way to the B5275. Walkers can tell they have reached this road as there is a train station to the right. This is Bare Lane Station (Morecombe). Walkers could easily start and end the walk here if they wanted. From here the route turns right and follows the B5275 back towards the seafront.

Its a fairly flat walk and very easy. The trickiest part is walking on the rocky sea front near the start which is why its best to do this walk clockwise.


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