Romaldkirk to Middleton-in-Teesdale

This route is another link in the chain of scenic circular walks along the Tees.  This route covers the Tees passage between Middleton-in-Teesdale and Romaldkirk.  The walk is a mixture of brief sections of field walking, river banks and bridleways.

Circular  |  15.4km (9.6 miles)  |  Difficulty: Easy

Please note that the route given is a rough guide and should not be relied upon solely when planning a walk. Remember to plan ahead, get a proper map and ensure you have the right equipment.

Walkers can start this route from either Middleton-in-Teesdale or Romaldkirk, both have parking and are also accessible by bus.  There are also other places along the route  for parking.  For instance, the section of the route between points 10 and 1 on the map passes through a car park which could be utilised.  The route detailed starts from Romaldkirk and heads anti-clockwise.  the advantage of following the route this way is that it allows for walkers to get the largest uphill sections out of the way earlier.  Wherever walkers start it is best to do the part of the route north of the Tees first because the southern section of the route is mostly flat and well suited to those who have exhausted themselves already.

1: From Romalkirk the route is well sign posted.  This section takes walkers along a brief bridleway from which they can see the next destination; Eggleston.  After the bridleway there are several fields to cross.  It can be difficult to spot the path so walkers should keep an eye out for stiles on the opposite sides of the fields.  It is best to follow the walls along these fields as they can contain cattle.

2: When the route reaches the road it heads left and across the bridge.  Walkers should be careful along the road here because the bridge is narrow and should not be crossed until there is a gap in traffic.  From here the route heads up hill into Eggleston.  Walkers should keep an eye out, both on their right, for the series of small waterfalls by the roadside, and on their left, for a glimpse of Eggleston Hall.

3: At the top of the slope the route heads left into Eggleston and then takes the first right.  This leads walkers into the centre of Eggleston village.  From here the route heads further up hill through the village.

4: After passing through the village centre walkers should head left at the top of the hill then take the next left.  A footpath eventually splits off from this road.  This is the highest point of the walk where there is a great view of Teesdale.  Rhe path will eventually lead  downhill to a small road.  The route passes through the gates and continues on to a crossroad.

5: Here the route crosses straight over and heads downhill.  Along this road walkers’ll need to cross the bridge over Blackton Beck to get to another bridge which will let them cross Eggleston Burn.  From here the route follows the road uphill where it joins another road.  The route now follow this road to the left downhill to another junction.

6: At this junction walkers should cross straight over and follow the small road, pass through a gate and continue to where the road veers left.  Instead of following the road the route continues along see a path heading straight on.  This path eventually leads to the river.  This section cab quite boggy so walkers are reminded to check their footing.

7: Now the route reunites with the Tees.  From here walkers can spot the halfway point of Middleton-in-Teesdale, though they are a long way from reaching it.  This next section follows the river side and is the most demanding section of the route.  There are number of streams along here which join the Tees, each with their own valley so walkers are forced repeatedly head up and downhill.  Again, walkers should be careful of their footing along here when the terrain is muddy.

8: Eventually the route reaches Middleton-in-Teesdale.  Walkers can stop here for refreshments if they want.  The route after this crosses the bridge and continues following the road uphill.

9: Despite the lack of paths walkers will need to keep following the road.  Walkers should stay on the verge and be wary since this is the busiest road along this route.  The route follows the road until it starts heading downhill again.  It eventually turns left, on the right here there is a sign for the Teesdale railway route.  The route passes through the gate here and follows the bridleway.

10: This bridleway is flat and makes for very easy walking.  The route itself is pretty featureless from here to Romaldkirk but there are some great views along the way so walkers won’t be bored.  Eventually the path forces the route over a hill and stops at a road.  From here walkers can follow the road into Romaldkirk and to the end of the route.

This is one of the longer walks in the series of Teesdale routes I’ve been writing up but is surprisingly easier than most.  The flat section of the route along the old Teesdale railway accounts for the ease of the walk despite its length.


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