Roseberry Topping to The Captain Cook Monument

Despite several steep inclines this route is relatively easy with most of it taking place on well maintained paths and lanes. The route starts from a forestry commission car park on Dikes Lane outside of Great Ayton.

Circular | 10.6km (6.59 miles) | Difficulty: Easy

Please note that the route given is a rough guide and should not be relied upon solely when planning a walk. Remember to plan ahead, get a proper map and ensure you have the right equipment.

The route follows the Cleveland Way to Roseberry Topping, crosses Newton Moor into Lonsdale Slack Wood and passes The Captain Cook Monument. This route is good for any time of year because of the excellently maintained pathways.

1: The route starts by heading North along the Cleveland Way from the car park. Walkers can choose to follow either of the two paths heading up hill, both meet up after a short distance. The right-hand path has a much shallower incline whereas the left-hand path is much more direct. The route continues along the Cleveland Way as it edges by the Great Ayton Moor until it passes Slacks Wood.

2: The route here passes through a gate and downhill then starts climbing Roseberry Topping. The path winds up the hill and eventually leads to the top.

3: At the top of Roseberry Topping walkers will get an amazing view of the Tees Valley (and beyond on a clear day). The route now returns to point 2. Walkers can follow another path down the hill for some variation. Once back on Great Ayton Moor at point 2 walkers should follow the path heading Eastward towards Hutton Lowcross Woods. The route then follows the Cleveland Way path which skirts the edge of the woods.

4: The route turns right with the Cleveland Way away from the Woods and across the Moor. However, the Cleveland Way turns left off the track after a short distance whereas this route continues along the path over the moor.

5: Eventually the route reaches a gate. The route turns right after the gate and heads downhill. The route passes a farmhouse then starts to climb uphill again on the far side. Walkers will eventually find themselves heading up into Lonsdale Slack Wood.

6: Nearing the top of the hill the route turns right off the road and along another section of the Cleveland Way.

7: The route continues following the Cleveland Way as it leaves the main track and follows a footpath. This footpath will eventually leave the woods and heads uphill to The Captain Cook Monument.

8: From the monument Walkers can see the entirety of the Tees Valley again. Views from here include Round Hill and Cringle Moor to the West. The route now heads back downhill through the wood to the car park on Dikes Lane.

This route can be followed in either direction. However, going clockwise will get most of the inclines out of the way earlier. Either way the route starts and ends with some amazing views of the Tees Valley. Walkers could also park at Roseberry Topping and start the route there if there are no spaces at the Dikes Lane car park, but this is a National Trust site and will cost money. Walkers starting from Dikes Lane could cut out some of the route and the steeper inclines by forgoing the section which climbs Roseberry Topping. However, this means missing out on one of the route’s most amazing views.


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