Whorlton to Hutton Magna

This route traverses quiet country lanes and footpaths between the villages of Whorlton and Hutton Magna. It is circular and mostly flat which allows for it to be followed however the walker feels fit.

Circular | 10.8km (6.73 miles) | Difficulty: Easy

Please note that the route given is a rough guide and should not be relied upon solely when planning a walk. Remember to plan ahead, get a proper map and ensure you have the right equipment.

This guide assumes the route is followed clockwise, starting at the village of Whorlton. The route could be started in the village of Hutton Magna but parking and amenities (i.e. the pub) in Whorlton are better.

1: The route starts by heading south out of the village of Whorlton. When leaving the village and heading downhill to the bridge there is a choice in paths. To the right is a flight of stairs which form part of the Teesdale way. These are the quicker way down but have a much steeper incline than the alternative which is the path that follows the road as it snakes downhill. Once at the bottom of the hill the route crosses the bridge.

2: After the bridge the routes passes through the stile on the right and follows the path to top of the hill where there is another stile that leads onto the road.

3: The route follows the road to the right as it turns the corner. It keeps following the road for some time. Though the road is usually quiet walkers should remain vigilant at all times.

4: The route eventually heads left at the turn in the road and follows the lane which heads all the way to Hutton Magna and offers several views across the South bank of Teesdale. Along this section the route crosses a track it will later follow. Walkers could turn left here to cut the route short. An alternative to following the lane straight ahead is to turn right here and traverse this section of the route in a clockwise direction. Walkers carrying on straight ahead will eventually reach the end of the lane.

5: The route follows the road to the right and heads downhill into the village.

6: It then follows a footpath to the right between two of the houses. The route here cuts through a gate, across a farmyard and through another gate then follows a path which skirts along the sides of several fields.

7: Eventually the path reaches a track where the route turns right. The track crosses the lane followed earlier and continues across another field then alongside a wooded area.

8: The track emerges onto a road which the route briefly follows to the right before following a footpath on the other side. This footpath cuts through a wooded area then emerges into a graveyard. The route follows the path through the grave yard and small village then follows the lane by the river. Eventually this lane ends. Here the route continues along a footpath which eventually leads back to Whorlton Bridge.

9: The route now crosses the bridge to the right and climbs uphill back to Whorlton. Again, the walker has the choice of whether to take the stairs to the left or follow the road to the right with the shallower incline. Walkers have another choice here, they can choose to head straight into the village here to finish the route or they can add an extra mile and follow the footpath to the left at the top of the climb.

10: If choosing to follow the additional circuit on the route walkers should follow the footpath along the bank as it follows the Tees. The footpath eventually reaches a small wooded area and dips down and back up.

11: At the top of the climb back up the route turns right and continues along the edge of the trees then along the side of a field to the road.

11: Upon reaching the road the route follows it to the right as it heads into Whorlton. At the end of the road walkers can turn right to get back to the village green.

The route is mostly flat other than when nearing the Tees. and even on these sections the incline is shallow. The route is short and is mostly on quiet country roads making it suitable for days when the weather is changeable. For another walk from Whorlton see this route for traversing the river-side tracks between the village and Barnard Castle.


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