Cockerton to Low Coniscliffe

This route travels from the village green of Cockerton, through the suburbs of Darlington and out into the countryside.

Circular | 11.9km (7.73 miles)  | Difficulty: Easy

Please note that the route given is a rough guide and should not be relied upon solely when planning a walk. Remember to plan ahead, get a proper map and ensure you have the right equipment.

The route is relatively flat and uses well maintained pathways so there shouldn’t be any difficulty in traversing it at any time of the year. However, some of the riverside sections of the route can become muddy during wet weather. The route is perfect for winter walking in the snow due to its proximity to the town and its easiness.

1: The route begins on Cockerton Green and heads South where it cuts across a small field then a bridge over the Cocker Beck.

2: Walkers will now see a path to the right which travels along the beck’s side. The route follows this path which crosses over the Beck twice before returning to the main road. Walkers should cross the road and follow it to the right until it reaches Baydale Beck.

3: There is a path alongside the left-hand side of the beck which the route follows.

4: There is a bridge over the beck at one point which the path continues along. However, the route stays on the East side and continues following the Beck till it reaches Coniscliffe Road. Walkers are warned that this section of the route can be quite muddy at times.

5: The route crosses Coniscliffe Road then follows a footpath that leads off the road and into Low Coniscliffe. From here the route follows Gate Lane through the village and down to the Tees.

6: Walkers will find a footpath which follows the side of the Tees. The route traverses this path as it winds around between the river and the fields.

7: The path eventually reaches a point where it forks in two. In one direction the path heads towards Merrybent, the route follows the other fork to the right as it heads back to Low Coniscliffe. The route continues back through the village and heads up to Coniscliffe Road.

8: The route crosses the road again. This road can be quite busy so walkers are advised to find a safe place to cross. From here the route follows a bridleway between fields. Eventually this bridleway reaches a farmyard which the route passes through.

9: After walkers follow the farm’s drive down to Staindrop Road they can now follow road back to the bridge crossed over the Cocker Beck at the start of the route. Walkers can then follow the path here back to Cockerton Green.

There’s plenty of parking at the promenade of shops in cockerton as well as refreshments. Being in the town of Darlington also makes reaching the starting point by public transport easier than on more rural routes. This route offers some great views of the Tees, Baydale Beck and Cocker Beck.


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