Marske to Skelton Moor

This route starts and ends in the picturesque Yorkshire village of Marske.  The walk is short with some brief steep inclines, the largest challenge along the way is the mud during the wetter seasons.  Mostly following farm tracks, the route eventually leads to some moorland paths and ends with stretches of quiet road to walk along back to the village.

Circular  | 8.31km (5.2 miles)  |  Difficulty: Easy

Please note that the route given is a rough guide and should not be relied upon solely when planning a walk. Remember to plan ahead, get a proper map and ensure you have the right equipment.

The route could be followed anti-clockwise but clockwise is recommended as it gets all the steeper parts out of the way first.

1: The route climbs up through the village of Marske then heads left.  At the end of the road the route continues on the other side of the gate.

2: Walkers here should follow the farm track Northwards as it heads up the valley and into Clints Wood.

3: Walkers should keep an eye out as the route continues along the track through the woods for route markers.  In one place in particular the track appears to head uphill where it in fact continues ahead just before leaving the woods.  The route continues along the track past Orgate farm.

4: After the farm there is an option for walkers.  For the shortest route walkers can head down hill straight to the bridge over Marske Beck.  Otherwise, the track uphill can be followed for a great view over the valley.  Before reaching the top of the track the route turns about and heads down hill to a bridge.  On the otherside of the Beck the route heads into another field and uphill towards some farm buildings.

5: The route here heads right after the farm buildings along a track which winds it way up onto the moor.

6: On the moor the track reaches a bridleway.  The route heads left here, following the bridleway along the top of Telfit Bank back towards Marske. After passing through a gate the bridleway heads downhill before reaching a road.

7: The route follows this road to the right and heads back to Muker.  This stretch of road is quiet and relatively straight so its easy to spot any vehicles travelling along it.

Though the route can be muddy it is well suited for winter walking due to its shortness.  Options to take shortcuts or extend the route exist throughout.  The route is best started at Marske where some (limited) parking spots can be found.  The paths are easy to follow along the way and most of the gates are marked, though there are few other signs so a map is still required.


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