Urpeth Grange to High Urpeth

This route follows field-side footpaths and farm tracks for the most part and offers some panoramic views over the team valley towards Newcastle. The route can be muddy in places and has a few climbs but is not too challenging for the most part.

Circular | 6.8km (4.22 miles) | Difficulty: Easy

Please note that the route given is a rough guide and should not be relied upon solely when planning a walk. Remember to plan ahead, get a proper map and ensure you have the right equipment.

The route begins at the Cherry Tree pub in Urpeth Grange. There is some parking behind the pub and on the roads around it for those with cars, and there are plenty of bus stops nearby for those wishing to take public transport. The route heads clockwise but could be easily followed in an anti-clockwise direction too.

1: The route starts by following the path right in front of the pub through the park. This path heads up hill after a short distance and continues until it reaches a street corner on the far side. From here walkers should follow a path to the right and continue following it until it reaches another road.

2: On the other side of the road is a track which this route follows. The path here skirts the edges of several fields until it reaches a junction of various tracks.

3: At the junction of tracks walkers should head right. The track here can be very muddy at times requiring walkers to follow paths that cut through the hedging at the sides to skip the difficult terrain. Eventually the route will arrive in High Urpeth.

4: The route follows the road through High Urpeth and continues following it downhill on the far side until a footpath sign on the right of the road is reached. Here walkers should cross the stile and head across the field to another stile on the left (watch out for curious sheep here who may follow). On the other side of the style the route follows a path downhill towards the River Teams. The path follows the side of the River eventually after some ups and downs in the woodlands. Eventually it emerges from the woodlands and continues along the riverside before reaching a bridge across the river.

5: On the other side of the bridge is a stile to the left, beyond which is a path that heads up hill. The route follows this up to another field side track heading left. At the top of the field the path turns right and is to be followed all the way to Riding Lane. At the lane the route heads right towards Riding Farm.

6: Just before reaching Riding Farm the route turns right again and heads downhill. This track is followed across the valley, crossing the River Teams again, until Baytree Terrace is reached.

7: Walkers should turn right here and head uphill before turning left onto Bellerby Drive. The route now follows this road as it meanders towards the park and skirts along the side of it. Walkers should continue along the parkside, following the path ahead until they reach The Cherry Tree pub again.

At point 5 on the route walkers could carry on ahead rather than turning left up hill, this will bring them onto the road which leads to point 6. This alternative route involves slightly less of an uphill climb but is also slightly shorter. In addition to The Cherry Tree pub there is also shop next to where the walk starts for walkers to buy snacks and beverages from.

Adapted from Walking in County Durham


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