High Street

This is a challenging route which rewards walkers with some amazing views of Haweswater Reservoir.

Circular | 13.4km (8.33 miles) | Difficulty: Medium To Hard

Please note that the route given is a rough guide and should not be relied upon solely when planning a walk. Remember to plan ahead, get a proper map and ensure you have the right equipment.

The route has a single steep ascent then follows along the ridges of several hills. Wind and wet conditions can hamper progress along these high sections. There is also a risk of snow along the tops of the hills which can also slow walkers.

1: From the car park the route heads away from the reservoir and towards the pass between Harter Fell and Branstree to the South. This is a steep ascent so walkers should take their time up this uphill path.

2: At the top of the ascent the path turn right and starts to head up Harter Fell. There are some amazing views of Haweswater Reservoir up here. The path is clear and well maintained but does stray close to the edge in places so walkers are advised to watch their footing.

3: The route soon reaches the summit of Harter Fell. From here walkers should continue along the path heading West and across more ridges uphill towards High Street. Along this section walkers will be able to see the tarns of Small Water and Blea Water. The route ascends and descends several times along this section, but thankfully these climbs and drops are short.

4: Eventually the route reaches the ridge of High Street. The route turn right and follows the wall which runs along the ridge here to the summit. The route then heads downhill. Walkers should be wary of ice beneath any snow which may be present here.

5: The route continues along the ridge, passing the valley containing Riggendale Beck. Eventually the route reaches a ridge where the path splits in two. Walkers should follow the path to the right which leads past the summit on the ridge and then gradually downhill towards the Reservoir.

6: The path eventually reaches the bottom of the ridge where it meets another path which follows the edges of the reservoir . Walkers should follow this path to the right. Along this section the route passes Riggendale Beck, a small wooded area and the edge of Haweswater Reservoir before arriving back at the start.

The car park this route starts in fills up quickly so walkers are advised to set off early. Walkers could follow this route in the opposite direction (clockwise). However, the advantage of following the route anti-clockwise is that the ascent isn’t put off till later, though it is steeper when followed this way round.


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