This is a leisurely lakeside walk which leads walkers from Gatesgarth to Buttermere.

Circular | 7km (4.36 miles) | Difficulty: Easy

Please note that the route given is a rough guide and should not be relied upon solely when planning a walk. Remember to plan ahead, get a proper map and ensure you have the right equipment.

Along the way the route passes several amazing sights including the hills of Haystacks and High Stile.

1: The route leaves Gatesgarth along a South Westerly path which heads towards the bottom of Haystacks.

2: The path turn right after crossing Warnscale Beck. The route follows the path along the entirety of the Western side of the lake. This section of the route eventually passes into a wooded area before reaching the Northern side of the lake.

3: The path splits in two here where walkers can choose a slight detour which lets them walk closer to the lake, or can follow the more direct path towards the village of Buttermere. During the summer the lakeside path here may be closed for the preservation of wildlife.

4: The route eventually passes through the village of Buttermere (similar to this route around Crummock Water) and follows a path which leaves in a South Easterly direction back towards the lake. The path takes walkers along the Eastern side of the lake.

5: Eventually the path reaches a cave/tunnel which walkers must pass through. The path here is quiet narrow so walkers must ensure there is no one coming the over way before passing through.

6: Eventually the path reaches a road which leads back to Gatesgarth. The road can be quite busy at times so walkers should be vigilant along this final section of the route.

The entirety of the route follows well maintained paths or road and there are few climbs or slopes making this a very easy walk. The walk can be quite busy in places due to the popularity of the lakes but the paths are wide so this shouldn’t be a problem. Walkers could follow this route anti-clockwise if they wished, it makes little difference since most of the way is flat. Arriving early is advised since parking at Gatesgarth can fill up quickly. Walkers could also choose to start from the village of Buttermere, though there is less parking there.


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