Crummock Water

This route circles around the lake of Crummock Water, the source of the River Cocker. The route travels through wooded areas, along the lakeside, past Scale Beck, through the village of Buttermere and back.

Circular | 13.3km (8.26 miles) | Difficulty: Medium

Please note that the route given is a rough guide and should not be relied upon solely when planning a walk. Remember to plan ahead, get a proper map and ensure you have the right equipment.

The route is mostly flat and the real challenge comes from the route’s distance.

1: The route starts by leaving the car park by the path to the south that leads to the lake.

2: The path splits in two where it reaches the lake edge. The route follows the path heading West, crossing the two streams of the River Cocker. The path sticks to the lakeside along here.

3: Eventually the path drops down onto a shingle beach on the lakeside. After crossing the beach walkers should find a path that continues along the lake edge, the route continues along this path.

4: Eventually the path leads to a small headland, from which walkers can get an amazing view of the lake and its surrounding mountains, including Low Bank on the far side. The route continues along the lakeside path after this.

5: In some places the path along this section splits and can become difficult to follow. However, where this happens the different paths meet back up after a short distance. Walkers can continue walking parallel to the lake side until they rediscover path. There are also a number of small streams along this section, some of which have crossings and others of which may require walkers to hop across them.

6: The path eventually leads down to Buttermere Dubs. Eventually the route crosses this beck on a small bridge and follows a path to the village of Buttermere.

7: The route passes through the village For another route which passes through this village see this Buttermere route. The route turns left at the far side of the village and follows the road. This road is relatively quiet but walkers should still be wary of traffic when walking along it.

8: The route continues along the road for some distance, following as it curves around the foot of Low Bank. As the road rises up above the lakeside there are some great views to be had of the lake.

9: Eventually the road passes a footpath on the left which leads back down towards the lake edge and into the wooded area the route started in. The route follows this path. Eventually this path leads back to point 2 on the map. From here walkers should retrace the first section of the route in reverse to return to the starting point.

Some sections of the route can be muddy so progress can be slowed in wet weather. There is plenty of parking in the car park at the start of the route. Walkers could start in Buttermere but they would need to get there early as parking here is limited. The route can be followed in ether direction without much difference since the terrain is mostly flat. Anti-clockwise from the North is recommended as it leaves the less challenging road walking to the end where walkers may not wish to exert themselves any more.


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