Chop Gate to Cold Moor

This route consists mainly of farm and moorland tracks. Along the way walkers will be treated to great views of the Wain Stones and the Tees valley. The pathways along this route can be muddy and full of scree in the earlier sections but after the halfway point, when The Cleveland Way is reached, the tracks are either tarmacked or consist of well maintained flagstones.

Circular | 11km (6.9 miles) | Difficulty: Medium

Please note that the route given is a rough guide and should not be relied upon solely when planning a walk. Remember to plan ahead, get a proper map and ensure you have the right equipment.

This route is suited to most weather conditions, though the wind can make the top of the moors very cold. Following the route anti-clockwise allows for a less steep ascent to be taken earlier in the walk.

1: The route begins in the car park to the South of Chop Gate village. From here it follows the main road up through the village. Walkers may spot a bridleway on the left at one point which they could follow directly to point 3. Otherwise the route continues along the road to point 2.

2: Walkers will spot a gate on the left here. The route follows the track on the other side of this gate uphill. The track is clearly marked and passes the right-hand side of a farm structure (walkers should not be tempted to cross the stile on the left into the field with the bull). Eventually the track reaches a field which can be quite muddy. The route crosses the field to the bridleway on the far side.

3: From here the route follows the bridleway uphill. the track slowly makes it way up the side of the slope to the top of Cold Moor.

4: Once at the top of Cold Moor the route continues following the bridleway Northwards. There are a few brief ascents and descents along this section. The higher parts offer some great views of the surrounding area. Along here are several tracks which cross the bridleway. Those heading left can be followed in order to take a shortcut.

5: Eventually the track reaches The Cleveland Way. The route heads left along it for a short distance. Along this section there is a brief, but steep, descent.

6: Here the route turn Southward, following a track through several fields. Eventually the track leads past a small farm. The route then follows the farm’s drive all the way to Raisdale road. The drive is relatively flat and makes for easy going. The drive is relatively quiet with little traffic.

7: Upon reaching Raisdale Road the route heads Eastward back towards Chop Gate village. This road has more traffic than the previously traversed drive but is still fairly quiet. There is a footpath to the right before reaching the village which leads straight back to the car park at the start of the route. However, the fields it cuts through may have bulls in them so walkers are advised to head back via the village.

The route consists of mostly well defined paths and tracks. Though some sections of track are worn they provide good footing and are always visible. There are many opportunities along the route to take shortcuts if walkers feel like covering a shorter distance. Likewise there are many opportunities to extend the route, such as by visiting the Wain Stones (Eastward along the Cleveland Way) or the top of Cringle Moor (Westward along the Cleveland Way) as discussed in this route. Chop Gate, the village the route starts from, is accessible through the Moorsbus service in addition to having a free car park. For refreshments walkers could visit the Buck Inn in Chop Gate.


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