Chop Gate to Cringle Moor

This is a longer version of the walk from Chop Gate to Cold Moor. The route consists mostly of well defined tracks across moorlands.

Circular | 15.5km (9.64 miles) | Difficulty: Medium

Please note that the route given is a rough guide and should not be relied upon solely when planning a walk. Remember to plan ahead, get a proper map and ensure you have the right equipment.

Most of the way is quiet but the section between Cringle Moor (point 3 on the map) and the Lord Stones Café (point 4 on the map) can become quite busy on weekends. The weather can change quickly up on the moors so walkers are advised to be well prepared for this route. There 3 major inclines along the route, 2 of which are gradual but the climb up Cringle Moor is quite steep.

1: The route starts by leaving the car park to the South of Chop Gate and heading uphill into the village. The path the route takes leads off on the left and is found behind some buildings following a track uphill by the church from Raisdale Road. This path is followed for some time by the route. It initially takes the form of a track between fields, leading between several gates until reaching moorland. Here the track continues uphill gradually and eventually reaches the ridge of Cold Moor. The track is clear and should be followed straight ahead to the Cleveland Way.

2: Once reaching the Cleveland Way the route heads left, going downhill towards Cringle Moor. The Cleveland Way is a well maintained stone path which is easy to follow. Here the route then heads up another hill. This is the steepest ascent in the route. The route then follows the Cleveland Way along the moor edge to the Alec Falconer Memorial Seat.

3: From here the route descends again, following the Cleveland Way. Again the track is well defined. Eventually walkers will spot the Lord Stones Café on the left where they can stop for refreshments.

4: Walkers will now reach a road which they should cross with care. The route’s final major ascent is now encountered. Briefly after the road there is a gate on the left of the Cleveland Way, the route heads through this gate and follows the track uphill.

5: Here walkers will spot a track leading off the road to the left. The route follows this track. Along this section the path merges with two other tracks, the route continues following the track after each merge heading South. The track passes a small tarn on the left called “Brian’s Pond” and bends to the left, shortly before passing through a gate.

6: The track the route follows now merges with another track. The route follows it to the right uphill but walkers could follow the track downhill for a shortcut along Raisdale Road back to Chop Gate. Though this shortcut may shave off a mile or so it replaces the views and vistas offered from the high moorlands covered in the route later with a prolonged section of road-side walking. After some distance the route itself follows the first track which leads off to the left.

7: Along this section walkers will eventually spot a cairn on the left. A path splits off the track on the left pass the cairn. The route follows this path past the cairn, across some more moorland then starts to descend. Soon the starting point of this route will become visible, but before reaching it walkers face a steep descent which can be incredibly steep and can be very muddy. The route here is clear and follows a small valley down the hill.

As mentioned, the Lord Stones Café is at point 4 which can be visited for refreshments halfway round. The route could also be started from here. This walk could be followed clockwise but anti-clockwise is recommended as anyone taking shortcut from point 6 would miss the breathtaking views offered along Cringle and Cold Moor when traversing the route clockwise.


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